Monday, April 06, 2009

Writing on Writing

My next novel has a deadline of June 1. We're grateful for June 1 because it originally looked as if it might be April 15th. Now, I could've made April 15th ~ but tears would've been involved. There very well may still be tears with June 1. There definitely would've been tears with April 15th. See, the more I write on this story, the more of this story there is to write.

I haven't bothered to edit or re-read at all. That's Crow and the Divine M's job. I'm just writing. Get it written, get it finished, take the last couple weeks of May to edit and rework. That's the plan.

I have given up trying to stay in touch with my friends, keep a clean house, participate in life outside of being Pauline. Luckily, I have very understanding friends and a husband (*giggle* ~ I still like that word) who is willing to wash out my coffee mugs.

And I've learned some things. I really do need to compose initially in long-hand. Yes, it takes twice as long. Yes, it is a pain in the ass. Yes, I really need to do it. And I can't write in silence. But the background noise has to be very specific background noise. Music is great when I'm transcribing from my notebook to the computer. Preferably WBCN streaming in from Boston. For actual composition, though, I need what I call "slightly more intelligent than not television." Mostly, that means dramas. Mostly that means House. NCIS. Special Victims Unit. CSI. Hmm...that's it really. Anything else is distracting. Even other shows in that same general genre. I tried to say (very self-importantly) this is my writing time and this is my writing space and thus spake the author that she will not be disturbed. Yeah...not so much. Now, I turn on the television, find the reruns, curl up on the couch with my notebook, pen and coffee, and write.

I'm also having to find time to actually be Pauline. She guest blogs. She has book signings. She runs a facebook page and her own blog. She gets emails. She's even running her first contest over on her blog. (Check it out ~ you can find it by clicking on "Pauline's site" over in my Places You Should Go links. The drawing will be random but the goodies will be good.) It's surreal as hell. And takes up more time than I'd expected, quite honestly.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not (NOT) complaining. Mostly, I'm loving every minute of it. It's just new and different and taking some getting used to. And y'all are where I work through it all. So thanks. For keeping me sane. For knowing and loving me before I became Pauline. For hanging out and sticking with me through the ride ~ even though I won't be around as much (and will be very singleminded when I am around) between now and June 1.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

There are no rules for writing. Whatever works for you. I can't do the long hand thing at all. Has to be a computer. College probably did that to me as I wasn't allowed to hand anything in unless it was word processed or typed. Now I think through the keypad. So just do what you have to do cuz I want to buy more books.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

Do what you need to do. We'll be there rooting you on.


-The Cheering Section

BostonPobble said...

GOML! and Dennis R. ~ And this is why I love you both. Thanks.

Graziella said...

Hugs :)

BostonPobble said...

Graziella ~ Thank you. Wish you were still right downstairs.

Rose said...

I know some authors that write in long hand first, my nephew being one. I can't do that. I must use the computer. It's facinating to see how all authors have their rountines.

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Oh, we're all just so proud of you. Most of us can't even imagine the craziness of the book-writing process.

Writing is a painful process for me - but it's a good pain, like lancing a boil. And it has to be completely quiet, or I get very frustrated.

BostonPobble said...

Rose ~ It is fascinating isn't it? I get amused by "how to" books for this very reason. The only "how to" is the one that works for you.

DGSH ~ I'm going to start referring to work as "lancing a boil" because that's it exactly: a good pain. I've often made the sore tooth analogy ~ you don't want to play with it because it hurts but you can't stop, either. And thanks for the pride.

Dreamer said...

Hey darling! <3 Have a question, I was looking on Pauline's site and I couldn't find her Facebook how is a young lady on Facebook supposed to connect her friends to such an amazing writer if she can't find the address?