Monday, April 20, 2009

Professional Packaging

With apologies to my readers who might see this elsewhere...

I try very hard to present a professional face whenever I'm being Pauline. Casual, relaxed, one-of-the-girls AND professional, at the same time.

A couple weeks ago, I ran a contest on my blog. Due to communication difficulties, the winner's prize just went in the mail today. My post office clerk knows me pretty well and is used to me coming in to mail all kinds of interesting things. Because I am in there so often, he is great about doing what he can to cut my mailing expenses. Today, I had picked up a box that would cost more to send the goodies to my winner than necessary. He dug around back and found another box that, while larger, would still be less expensive. Great! Sure, the box had been used before so it was a little banged up but I decided for almost five bucks and the karma involved in recycling, I could live with a little banged up.

Only by the time we had added the padding to the box, it was suddenly more expensive than the original box I'd picked up and he'd rejected. Never underestimate the power (cost) of .9 ounces! "Don't worry, Pauline," he assured me, "I'll manage it." Ah, the joys of being a regular. So, I paid him and walked away from the counter.

I still needed a couple of things so didn't leave the store immediately. Instead, I made the mistake of looking back over to see him "managing" it. He was mauling the inner flaps of the box, ripping them up, in order to lose the extra weight. Ummm.... Hm. By this time, I had paid and he had saved me money. "But it's unprofessional" just seemed, well, ungrateful. Still, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when my winner gets her goodies ~ in a banged up, reused and mauled USPS box.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

A ratty box full of goodies is better than a kick in the teeth. I would be appreciative and grateful. The recipient is lucky.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

That's hilarious. So funny when some of these things that worry (or mortify) us never occur to others. I'd have been stressed out in your shoes, too.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Sounds like a sitcom, but have faith, it will get there & even if the outside ravaged, it will only make the inside contents look better. Ha. Let's hope so, eh?

Daisy Girl said...

so I know you will sympathize when I tell you that I just got fired... no details, just very suspicious behavior from all involved. I'm furious and confused. So I'm taking my blog away from the general public for a little while just in case... I'll talk to you again later.

prioritybooks said...

Don't worry people appreciate what's in the box, not the box. At least I would. I always reuse boxes.

BostonPobble said...

Daisy ~

OMG! No! This is wrong on so many levels.


I REALLY hope to hear from you. Otherwise, know you carry my thoughts and affection with you.

movers san diego said...

That's a really funny story! Who knows, maybe the winner will think this box was damaged in storage and mailings??