Sunday, December 08, 2013

A Favorite Night

My favorite night of the year, every year, is the night the tree gets decorated. I love it. Music, lights, decorations, nibbles, laughter, memories...It's the best night of the year. But it has a rival, now. Last night, I realized the other night I look forward to all season is the night Lithus and I go look at the Christmas lights. 

Every year we have been together, we have gone out, just the two of us, and looked at the Christmas lights wherever we are. Our first year, in Everett, Washington, we went into Seattle. The next year, we were in more of a neighborhood in Vancouver, and wandered. And that was it; the tradition was set. What I hadn't realized until yesterday was just how much I look forward to this night.

This year, we'll get this night twice because we drove around town last night, and when we get home, we'll take the trolley down St Charles and ogle the mansions' decorations. But they will somehow, in my mind, be the same night. And it will be one of my favorites.

For a bunch pictures and music, hop over to Stilettos in the Outback. Or, just keep scrolling for a few of them. Or both.

The prettiest sight to see...

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I LOVE to look at Christmas lights. Strangely though, our two sons never enjoyed it as much as we did, even though they loved our house to be decorated.
We are recent empty-nesters and recently acquired a golden retriever puppy. We look forward to taking her with us this year when we drive around to see the lights in our town.

BostonPobble said...

Anonymous ~ While I figured I wasn't alone, given how many people decorate, it's always nice to hear that other people LOVE looking at them the same way I do. Thanks. And welcome to Pobble Thoughts. Hope you keep coming back.

AppsRus said...

Yep! You got it. And around our city, there are "tacky tinsel tours" that identify the most spectacular displays (as computer controlled, accompanying music) for us to go see and marvel at.

BostonPobble said...

AppsRUs ~ Oooo! I would love that.