Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Back From the Edge

Did you catch, a couple of posts ago, that I am back in therapy? Well, I am. It's not a full-blown episode, for which I'm grateful, but I'm not quite right, either. So, I'm tweaking some stuff. Remembering some stuff. Honing my coping skills again. For the most part, I'm doing well.

Yesterday, though...yesterday was a touchy day. I hadn't slept well the night before. My mood was off. Then, three things happened:

1. I received a text message from the FE. She and I have an agreement that we know the other is out there. We can go months without exchanging an email, text, or word ~ but we never lose sight that the other one's out there. And just like that, out of nowhere, on a day I really needed it, a text. From my friend.

2. The Lovely Cats and I had a good conversation. An important conversation. Some dots were connected; some lightbulbs went on.

3. Lithus brought home a speaker set. One of those things you plug your pad or your iPhone or your computer into and it fills the room with music. Music. Right now, of the holiday variety, but music. When did I let music drop out of my life?

I sang carols and danced and let the sounds of the season fill my space ~ all my spaces ~ and slowly came back from the edge. For the most part, I'm pretty independent. Autonomous with stand-alone properties, even. But sometimes...sometimes, it's good to be reminded I am not alone. I am loved. I am considered worthy. I am missed. It's good to remember and, yes, to be reminded.

Even I sometimes can't find the words I want. When that happens, where better to turn than the Muppets? So...

Those are Pobble Thoughts ~ with some help from the Muppets. That and a buck fifty will get you an eggnog latte.


Unknown said...

I love the muppets...may I suggest the album John Denver and the Muppets Sing Christmas? It will definitely make you smile.

BostonPobble said...

Jennifer ~ Oh! I LOVE the John Denver/Muppets special. Its 12 Days of Christmas is classic. Thanks for the reminder! :)