Monday, December 16, 2013

Occupational Hazard

What I do doesn't always translate well into real life. I remember back when I got my first contract to write dictionaries, the Lovely Cats was telling a friend of hers about me and how proud she was of me. The conversation, apparently, went:

TLC: A friend of mine has just signed her first book.
Other Friend: Oh great. What does she write?
TLC: Dictionaries.
Other Friend: She must be a hoot at cocktail parties.

Now, the fact is, I kind of am, depending on the cocktail party. But the point is, my work doesn't always translate well. Yesterday...

Yesterday, I spend the day researching hyaluronic acid and boron, and their respective effects on arthritis pain. At 4:30, Lithus said ~ yet again ~ that we really needed to be going. To the company Christmas party. Oh, right... So, I pulled my brain out of the latest scientific journal, hit save, closed up ~ and panicked. What was my answer supposed to be when I was asked how I spent my day? How was this supposed to translate into small talk? I called Crow and explained the situation.

Crow: As soon as you sit down, start talking about the varying levels of efficacy when boron is absorbed topically versus abdominally (she can bullshit really well). 
Me: Well, boron is also administered vaginally, so...
Crow: Open with that. Definitely.

It got me laughing instead of panicking. And laughing is a much better way to go into a cocktail party, after all.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


AppsRUs said...

Having just been where there are hippos by the pod full, I had to enjoy THIS song selection!