Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Sure the "Peri" Means Much

First, let me offer a heads up to my male readers: this post deals with menopause, menstruation, and other physical aspects of a woman getting older. This is a head's up, but not a warning or an apology, because you're grown men and understand by now that boys and girls are different and have different parts. Plus, I see no reason to offer warnings or apologies about women's bodies. All that being said, you also may not relate much, so feel free to skip it if you want.

Now...A couple years ago, I started getting hot. Really hot. Then I went a month without a period. Given that, for various reasons, I no longer worry about pregnancy, I was concerned for other reasons. Missing periods is generally accepted to be a bad thing unless one is trying to get pregnant ~ or at least wants to. My doctor's appointment relieved a whole lot of concerns. Nothing wrong. Just peri-menopause. Excellent. I can deal with this. First, women throughout time have dealt with this. Second, I don't really have another option.

But holy hell, hot flashes. Night sweats. Weird cramping. One month, I'll barely have a period. The next month, it's as if someone tapped an artery. The next month, "normal." And then? Who knows what comes on month four. Any of these experiences, or even a skipped period entirely. But don't forget about the months where I get two periods. Those are fun. Lithus especially loves those months.

I am very lucky in that my mother and the women who raised me were very open about their bodies and what I could expect from mine. I cannot imagine living in a world that whispered about "the change." Ick. My friends are also open about what our bodies are going through. Still, let me tell you, hearing about a hot flash does nothing to prepare you. All is well, life is good. And then? Cauldron. Kiln. Lava. What the hell just happened? Until, of course, you're freezing and need the heat and layers ~ because it's all of 75 degrees in the house.

Getting older has never really been an issue for me. Don't need to be a teenager or in my 20s any longer. 44 is a pretty good age to be. That being said, the second half could come with better climate control, and I'd be okay with it.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.