Saturday, November 30, 2013

Overheard In NOLA

Yesterday was present wrapping day here at Casa de Pobble. We leave town on Sunday, to be gone until December 21st, so we had to be way ahead of the game this year. By the end of day, we had one large box, one medium-large box, two medium boxes, and a small box. Plus, two light things in bags that needed special packaging. It was time to head to the post office.

Which is half a mile away. Do you remember we don't have a car? And while we have a cart, the post office is in the Federal Building, so we can't tie the cart up outside, nor can we bring the cart into the building. So, no cart. Yep, we were carrying. Five boxes, two bags.

We worked it that I had the large box and two light bags. Lithus had the four medium-ish boxes. And off we went. At the crosswalk, we're waiting for the light to turn, and traffic gets backed up into an intersection. We're all waiting, balancing boxes on the curb, drumming fingers in the car in front of us. When the driver looks up and says "Hey, where are you two heading? Got far to go? Need any help?"


A total stranger, having no clue where we were going, offered to give us and our boxes a ride. We turned it down, because we were almost to the post office, but it made my day. Yes, New Orleans has issues, but sometimes, a stranger will offer to give you a lift, too. It's not all bad.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.