Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I'm all over the place right now. While I know people who talk about heading into the kitchen to make coffee, only to realize the trash needs to go out, which makes them remember the refrigerator needs to be cleaned, which leads to a grocery store run, before they come home and get back to work - all without having poured another cup of coffee, I am generally not that person. Generally.

For the last three or four days, though, I have been. Write. I should write. Work. I should work. Shop. I should shop. Clean. I should clean. And it's all over the place. 

The same thing is happening mentally. Finances. Appointments. Planning. Scheduling. Juggling. Composing.

And emotionally. Yay! We're doing really well financially; oh my goodness, we aren't saving fast enough. Yay! I'm really looking forward to the holidays; oh my goodness, we aren't going to have much time at home. Yay! I'm thrilled about some of the things we're talking about doing; oh my goodness, that's going to cost money and take time, and we're already not saving enough and don't have enough time!

And then there's Pobble Thoughts. Witty! Angry! Subdued! Mundane! Righteous! Bored! Amusing! Insightful!

What the hell?

Just since starting this post, my brain has worked in this way:

Wow, this is a really boring post. You shouldn't post this. Make it more interesting. Okay, how can this be more interesting? I don't really have time to make it more interesting; today is packing day. Shit. Today is packing day. I wonder what time the other pilot is getting into town. Lithus goes in to work at noon. Will the other pilot be here before Lithus gets home? I really need to be prepared for that. Then, I should clean a bit. Yes, clean the kitchen. But I really need to know how many boxes I need for the bedroom before I can start packing up the kitchen. And I can't clean the kitchen before I pack up the kitchen. So, I'll go start packing up the bedroom. Wait...aren't I in the middle of something else...?

How do people live like this? Are they exhausted all the time? Because I'm only three days in, and I'm pooped.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


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CrowMother ~ Bwhahahahaha! Well, you get points for honesty, at least.