Sunday, November 03, 2013

Random Stuff ~ A Laundry List Type o'Post

Did you fall back? By the time you are wandering over here, I'm sure you did.

Happy Birthday, to my dear friend Cam Pike. For the entire length of our friendship, I have never known/have forgotten/have blocked his birthday. This year, I remembered.

Lithus and I are already probably a third of the way through our holiday shopping. Oooo...I just love holiday shopping.

Speaking of shopping, another reason to love Target ~ have you seen the commercial where the woman is having all her friends over? Have you noticed one of her friends is not a size 2? She's beautiful, laughing, has been invited to a party, obviously brings something to the table ~ and is not small. Keep being my go-to store, Target. And thanks.

A cut on a writer's finger ~ no matter how small ~ should count toward a worker's comp claim. Just saying.

There is a house in Richfield that has chickens in its yard. Chickens. They hang out with the family dog.

You know I hate Facebook, right? There is nothing about me as a person on that site. You can find my professional presence, but that's it. That being said, if you are looking for a really good place to learn about some very basic, intro-to stuff about oppression and social justice, check out Oppression 101. It's an open group and is welcoming to anyone who really wants to learn, not just get cookies for signing up; who is willing to hear constructive criticism and learn from it, not just defend why they were right. It's intro, but not a place to get your hand held or told you are "a good one" just for being there.

And finally, stop over at Stilettos to see how NOLA celebrated Halloween.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.