Monday, November 03, 2014

Birthday Thoughts

My birthday was a month ago. 45. Lithus wanted to do something big, because the 5 year birthdays are big deals. But we are saving money for some other things right now, and, while 45 isn't small, it also isn't as important as 40 or 50. So, I reminded him he had been a part of doing something BIG for 40; we agreed that he would do something BIG for 50. And we'd let 45 be whatever 45 was going to be. 

And then we realized ~ we were going to be with my family for my birthday. Not near my birthday. Or around my birthday. On October 3rd. My actual and for real birthday. 

Crow made my favorites in her repertoire ~ bean burritos, roasted root veggies, and chocolate souffle. No, there was no flavor profile. At 45, I don't need to prove I can create a menu to anyone. There were presents. And singing. After Grasshopper and the Hatchling went to bed, my Heart and Listener took Lithus and me out to their favorite lounge, and then a fun Irish pub.

Okay, maybe it wasn't BIG ~ but it wasn't small, either. Begin as you plan to end. This year should be lovely and filled with happiness.

And a happy birthday to Cam Pike. Love and miss you, my friend.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you birthday cake.