Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cutting the Cord

Part of the life we live is never knowing what day it is. Lithus flies every day he's on. No days off. No Friday excitement. Same with me. I write until I've met my week's deadlines. Could be every day. Could be through Wednesday. Regardless, there is no set day off. Without touchstones, it's easy to forget where one is in the week.

We also lose track of what time zone we're in. And have little, if any, say over what television stations we have available to us when we're on the road. Just this past season, I had watched every single episode of Face Off on SyFy. The night of the season finale, we ended up in a hotel that didn't offer the channel.

In light of all this, we stream almost all of our television. Netflix. Amazon. Even the stations' websites. We just rarely watch television in real time. So, we made the decision to get rid of cable.

When Lithus was talking to the cable guy, we could keep basic cable, keep our internet speed, and have access to in the moment weather, news, and emergencies. And, for a whole hell of a lot less money. You know what? We live in hurricane country. Immediate, local weather is worth keeping basic cable for a hell of a lot less money.

We unplugged the cable box, gathered all the stuff, and returned it all to the cable company. That night, we came home, swallowed hard, and reprogrammed the television to see what channels we got now.

Every. Single. One we had. Okay, no music stations. But we hadn't used those since we started using Spotify a couple months ago. ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC. SyFy. Food Network. HGTV. The list goes on. Every station we watch. Every station we've had.

We've been paying all that much more money for the cable box and remote control. *thunk*

I got nothing.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.