Monday, November 17, 2014

Rent the Car Day

Lithus and I decided not to get a car when we moved to NOLA. Over the last four years, we have realized that was a major misstep. The public transportation system is...not good. The cabbies are...not good. I could rant. I have ranted. This isn't a rant.

After spending almost $100 in cab fare to get places like the mall and Target when we first moved here, we realized we really couldn't keep doing that. So, somewhere along the line, we started renting a car for the day occasionally. And then it dawned on me that renting a Uhaul is even less! Now, every couple of months, we rent a UHaul and run errands. It has become one of my favorite things to do.

Yes, we go ordinary places ~ Target, Winn Dixie, Penney's ~ but even ordinary places are fun when you can't get there often. We stop for lunch and/or dinner somewhere we don't usually have easy access to. I get a Dunkin' Donuts coffee from the one Dunkins in the area, that's not at the airport.

I get to make lists, and organize. Lithus gets to navigate, and file flight plans. We spend the day laughing and talking and enjoying ourselves and each other.

Today, was Rent The Car Day. The last of the holiday shopping. A big grocery shop. I even bought a gown and he bought a tux for New Year's Eve. And yes, that means holy shit, I am finally married to a man who owns a tux. This was a dream from when I was a kid. And here we are. It's not his first tux ~ but it's my first husband's tux, so it works. Plus, he kinda looks like an international man of mystery, which works, too.

It's not a huge thing, or some great event. It's just a really fun day, with my favorite person. Which, I guess, makes it a huge thing and some great event.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.