Friday, November 28, 2014

The Story of the Tree

Earlier today, we got a call from our front desk letting us know there was a package downstairs for us. Lithus has ordered me a present already, so we thought we knew what it was. At one point, while we were coming through the lobby, we stopped for the package.

And the desk guy wheels out this 6-foot package. It wasn't my present. Lithus and I looked at each other, to the package, to each other. I said "I didn't order this." He said "I didn't order this." We double-checked the address label. To The Boston Pobble and Lithus. At which point, Lithus, who was holding onto the box, says "it's a tree. I can smell it."

So, we took it upstairs, lopped the end off where it said to lop the end of, and unboxed ~ a Christmas tree. 

The only person we could think who might have done it was my mother. I called her and, even before I had said hello to her husband who answered her phone, said "Did you send us a tree?" Nope. Not them. But I could check with mom, just in case. Yep...

And no, mom assured me they hadn't sent the tree. I said "I thought it might have been you because you know we were going to put it on the dining table and this one is small, to fit the dining table. But we had decided not to get one, so I thought you might have sent it." 

And the pieces fell into place. 

To which Mom replied, "You hadn't told me you weren't getting it." But before I could say anything, she followed with "Who did you tell?"

Because by then, I knew.

Starbuck. I had told Starbuck. We had planned on getting a tree. Then blah blah blah reasons had decided not to. But none of those reasons were about not wanting a tree. Or about it being a poor decision to have a tree. So she, crazy, insane, amazing, Starbuck, sent a tree.

Sure enough...

What do you say when someone decides there is no way you are going without a tree this year and sends a freaking tree? It's the greatest thing ever. It's insane. It's delightful. It's our tree. And this will forever be the year Starbuck and Apollo Sent Us That Tree.

Happy Holidays, everybody. We got through Thanksgiving. It's time to enjoy Yule.

Those are still stunned Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.